• SHOPPER Ordering App

    For easy ordering, assortment planning and inventory in stores. It highly improves the process and communication efficiency of the digital supply chain inside branches as well as between central stores and their branch stores. SHOPPER offers modern functionalities with high usability and user experience:

    1. Order management incl. price verification
    2. Order recommendations
    3. Sales promotion (bestseller, newcomer, promotions)
    4. Free or predefined order lists
    5. Mobile payment
    6. Search functionalities
    7. Market basket analysis & automated recommendations
    8. Communication and news features


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    For your digital supply chain: From the receipt of the goods to the goods issue. With LOGIS MOVE you can create transparency throughout your entire goods flow of your warehouse. Except for the item and resource level, you can plan, control, edit, and track orders. Features such as: incoming goods control, picking, replenishment, returns, quality control, production delivery, make LOGIS MOVE a powerful tool for more efficiency and less administrative costs thanks to the merge of consumer technologies with professional business processes!
  • FILIOS as One-Stop Retail App

    With FILIOS you easily solve your logistical challenges in your branch stores, involving goods receipts, article flows, inventory and best distribution out of your store to your customers. Thanks to a simple integration into the local merchandise management, actual data can be processed at any time in real-time. This data-driven approach allows the store assistant to perform automatic recommender functions and shopping cart analyses. An emergency checkout  for direct payment in the store is also available, and  an internal order block can be created if needed. In contrast to the SHOPPER ordering app, FILIOS includes the entire branch management, from the goods receipt, to the order to the goods issue.

    • Goods Receipt
    • Assortment planning / control
    • Order entry
    • Price verification
    • Mobile checkout
    • Sales promotion
    • Inventory
    • Outbound


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  • Profiserve App

    Manage your scan cases with the Profiserve app in an easy and fast way! Compatible with Linea Pro scan cases for iPod Touch, iPhone, Tablets.

    • Display and update of firmware
    • Activation/Deactivation of barcode scanning via scan case
    • Visualization of all scan case settings
    • Check of connectivity between app and scancase
    • Further interesting functionalities
    • Offline and online working supported
  • BEAMER App

    Need to scan existing processes?

    The BEAMER app allows you to directly scan within webshop workflows, frontends to ERP systems or other processes that require scanning.

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  • TMS HERMES Track & Trace App

    The transport management system app HERMES allows you to implement the route planning easily and safely for your sprinters and truck drivers right up to the asset management, digital proof of delivery with photo and signature functions and more functionalities!


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