Smartwatch in logistics and retail?

March 30, 2019 / smart watch / Stefano Desiderio

Whether in retail, logistics or industrial use - there are countless possible applications for system solutions with CASIO B2B-Smartwatch. Retail is an important area. "We have software requests that go in the direction of IoT. Employees can use the Internet of Things to see directly whether the baked goods, for example, are ready to be packed. The baking machine communicates directly with the watch," says Head of Hardware Sales Stefano Desiderio. Other devices in the store can also communicate with the watch or between employees. To sum up: Smartwatches ensure greater efficiency, security, and satisfaction for employees and thus also for end customers. Security checks in production, live chats for dispatchers during the loading of goods, identification of authorizations for valuables transports are further use cases. Numerous processes can thus be optimized in various industries.