A new look for our company vehicles

A new look for our company vehicles

The year is slowly coming to an end. It's never too late for a new look though: at the end of November, our company cars got branded with the Dataphone logo. 

In collaboration with Zurich based Tschopp Beschriftungen, eight vehicles were cleaned, measured and covered with logos in the classic Dataphone red within two hours.

What do the owners have to say about the new appearance of their cars?

Hanspeter Harnisch, Key Account Manager, likes the simplicity: «Subtle and at the same time clearly visible lettering - that fits». Christof Limberger, Internal Coordinator, says: «Dataphone's Mobility Excellence in Logistics will be marking presence on the streets and will be increasing the visibility of our fast-growing company». And Nik Haller, Project Manager, states: «A good thing to increase awareness».


Making of...

Logo für Dataphone Fahrzeuge Fahrzeugbeschriftung mit Dataphone Logo