barcode scanner the best way to scan

Barcode Scanning - The fastes way to track your processes

How does a barcode scanner work?

A barcode scanner or reader is a data acquisition device that can read and pass on various barcodes. These barcodes are recognized purely optically with either red or infrared light. Each barcode reader consists of the actual reading unit and the downstream decoding unit.

                                           barcode scanner from Zebra scanning a barcode

With a Barcode Scanner you can reduce the cost in your warehouse:

Low costs of investment and high ROI thanks to the excellent cost-benefit-ration between hardware and multifunctional cases.

                                            barcode scanner from zebra

With a Barcode Scanner you can increase efficiency through internet of things:

Automated data communication through barcode scanners, RFID, and NFC tags as well as other sensors.

                                            barcode scanner rs6000 from zebra

A Barcode Scanner is easy to handle:

Easy handling, no training necessary.

                                            barcode scanner wt3000 from zebra

Dataphone offers various barcode scanning solutions: whether industrial, Bluetooth, long-range, ring scanners with 1D or 2D imager or laser -we help you find your perfect barcode scanner — with or without software.

Dataphone is an authorized Zebra dealer and also ProGlove dealer. We can give you tips and tricks and advise you on the selection of your barcode scanner because we have many years of experience in hardware consulting.

                                            proglove barcode scanner from dataphone

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