Be an apprentice at Dataphone

Be an apprentice at Dataphone

As an innovative employer, Dataphone wants to give young people a chance to gain a foothold in the technology industry. We are extremely pleased that our management has decided to train «KV» apprentices in the future.

HR Director Milenko Dieckmann and Vocational Trainer Dominik Meier explain what the future apprentice can expect from Dataphone.

What kind of apprentices do you approach with the job profile?

D. Meier: We turn to apprentices who, on the one hand, want to gain experience in logistics and, on the other hand, show an interest in computer science. We offer the possibility to conduct a commercial apprenticeship in service and administration.

What do the available E- and M-profiles include?

D. Meier: The E-profile stands for apprenticeship as a merchant and enables students to solve complex tasks in the office. They acquire the Swiss Federal Certificate of Competence (EFZ) and thus lay the foundation for advanced training in the commercial sector. The M-profile stands for the vocational maturity. It enables examination-free access to a bachelor's program at a university of applied sciences.

What can apprentices expect from Dataphone?

M. Dieckmann: We want to enable and support a young person's start into working life. Dataphone is committed to providing excellent support to meet educational goals and successfully pass the qualification process.

Which areas are the apprentices working in?

M. Dieckmann: Our apprentices will actively be working in the following departments:

• Accounting
• Procurement
• Human Resources
• Key Account Management
• Marketing
• Project Management
• Administration
• Hardware and Software Sales

Thus, they acquire versatile competencies that they can use as a basis for later work experiences and further education.

What will the apprentice's work environment look like?

D. Meier: In the respective departments, apprentices receive the support of our employees and benefit from their expertise. Furthermore, I am actively supporting them as their vocational trainer over the entire period of time of their apprenticeship. We attach great importance to a collegial approach.

Does the apprentice also have the option of staying with Dataphone after the apprenticeship ends?

M. Dieckmann: We are always interested in qualified employees. Should there be a vacant position - which is most likely since Dataphone is continuously expanding - we would definitely like to give apprentices who already know our company a chance.

When does the first apprentice start?

D. Meier: The training will start in August 2018.