Warehouse Management System (WMS) from Dataphone at Bio Partner Schweiz AG

Bio Partner Schweiz AG continues to use the WMS Warehouse Management System from Dataphone AG

With the newest release of its Warehouse Management System (WMS) LOGIS, Bio Partner Schweiz AG relies on a sustainable and stable software of the latest generation.

Dataphone AG's WMS LOGIS has already been in use at Bio Partner Schweiz AG since 2013. After now 7 years of close cooperation, the leading organic retailer decides to continue the successful partnership and upgrade to the latest software architecture.

Bio Partner is the leading service provider and wholesaler in the Swiss organic market. It is committed to a strong individual organic trade. Under the motto "fresh, personal, in partnership", around 300 employees serve customers in the organic specialist trade, retail trade, gastronomy and processing industry with a full range of organic products and services.

Bio Partner operates sites in Seon (AG) and Saint-Blaise (NE) and has its own fleet of trucks.

To ensure that all customer segments receive fresh and punctual deliveries of more than 10,000 items such as fresh products like fruits and vegetables, pasta and beverages to natural cosmetics and raw materials for the processing industry, a modern, stable, and reliable Warehouse Management System (WMS) like LOGIS from Dataphone AG is absolutely essential.

Increasing the efficiency of warehouse management

After the process workshops, in which the operational processes and configuration settings of LOGIS were rechecked and redefined, intensive system tests followed. Thanks to a detailed planning phase and close cooperation with the warehouse management responsible of Bio Partner Schweiz AG, the company was ready for the release change in November 2020. The new architectural strategy that Bio Partner Schweiz AG is implementing in the course of the release change is exciting.

The LOGIS V21 Warehouse Management System is now hosted in the cloud.

Therefore, no own infrastructure is required, and the resources are freely scalable. In addition, the customer gains server reliability through the new deployment in a professional cloud. Availability is accordingly higher.

With the WMS LOGIS version V21, the processes in the area of intralogistics are now even better aligned and significantly more flexible in order to be best prepared to respond to current and future requirements of the industry.

Why a WMS release upgrade? 

  • Not only business processes are affected by ongoing changes, but also the IT systems that support them must always fulfill the latest technological, legal, and functional requirements.
  • A release upgrade reduces system maintenance costs and provides security for the maintenance of software in productive use.
  • Functional upgrades are included in the new release so that the client can also easily adapt to the constantly changing requirements of the industry with the help of its system applications.

Functional highlights of the WMS software LOGIS V21

  • In addition to batch and MHD management, the goods receipt process checks a wide variety of inspection criteria, such as: Organic certificates, country of origin, delivery temperature, etc.
  • Merging of several orders from the same suppliers: An excellent solution has been implemented for multiple orders from identical suppliers, enabling simultaneous receipt in the goods receiving department.
  • The master data handling of LOGIS has a unique method of handling conversion factors between pieces, liters, and kilograms. Weight recording via electronically linked scales completes the package.
  • Sophisticated storage strategy: A more elaborate logic leads to better storage suggestions. Goods are stored as close as possible to the respective picking location.
  • System generated warnings, which inform the employees as soon as the remaining time of a product is exceeded, including the possibility of an automated blocking, which is enormously helpful.
  • Picking end time calculation: This important Key Performance Indicator calculates the expected picking end time based on the current picking performance per storage area and the number of employees used, including break times.
  • ABC/XYZ classification of goods and warehouse: For chaotic storage places, the WMS LOGIS calculates an article qualification based on the goods turnover. For each storage place, it must be configured to which category the goods belong. Storage proposals are then made according to these strategies.
  • Furthermore, the WMS LOGIS system offers very detailed analytics and KPI possibilities for warehouse managers, supply chain managers or logistics decision-makers. Down to the item level, the control center enables maximum transparency and traceability of the flow of goods.
  • Outgoing goods: To avoid work-intensive compaction efforts, LOGIS offers pre-picking of small storage areas with system-guided mergers of the main picking area. Transparent views in the control console allow good monitoring and control of picking progress as well as loading and dispatch control.
  • The Warehouse Management System LOGIS allows the interaction of manual and conventional logistics processes in a unique way with fully automated systems. At Bio Partner Schweiz AG this concerns AutoStore. For the control of automated components, LOGIS has standard interfaces to well-known automated warehouse service providers.
  • Thanks to the suitability of the latest mobile hardware (mobile computers, forklift terminals, etc.), Bio Partner Schweiz AG has the possibility to replace the old, outdated hardware running on Windows CE.

There is no doubt that we could continue the list because the WMS LOGIS has many other plus points.

Dataphone has years of experience in the area of organic trade, as we already support some market-leading organic traders. We are therefore familiar with the national and international markets and their requirements. We know what keeps them busy and where current challenges are.


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