Charging Station for your Barcode Scanner

Charging Station For Barcode Scanner

Have you ever wondered where your employees should charge or store their barcode scanners? With the charging station from Dataphone, you get a standardized rack with enough space for all barcode scanners.

The picking equipment is easily and quickly accessible in the charging cabinet.

Dataphone has been designing and certifying barcode scanner charging stations for several years and successfully carries them in its portfolio.

All barcode scanners are stored in a central location with the charging rack and are always ready for use with fully loaded batteries. The charging rack is usually placed near wardrobes and/or stamp clocks, so that warehouse employees spend less time picking up and putting down their work equipment.

All MDE's such as the barcode scanners from Zebra, Honeywell, etc., and smartphone scanners from Linea Pro and even mobile printers are being recharged in the charging station, which is only connected to the electricity network with a power cable connection.

Charging station highlights:

  • All mobile devices and spare batteries that are in the charging station are charged simultaneously and without restriction

  • Warehouse staff can remove or return the mobile devices and the batteries safely and quickly

  • The chargers are connected properly to the power supplies via cables (no disturbing power cables visible)

  • Robust pull-out boards for easy access to the devices

  • Robust, break-proof and lockable glass door

  • Integrated and intelligent charging station with green/red LED display

  • Integrated alarm system with signal tone in case of charging errors

  • Optional: LAN connection and software integration with automatic e-mail or SMS notification

  • Optional: Uninterruptible power supply in case of power failure

Your charging rack can be customized, just as you want it or/and need it: Cabinet colors, locking system, company logo, arrangement, installation on a wall, etc.


Example charging cabinet with 5 levels for 40 MDE devices and 40 backup batteries.

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