The Bio User Group ist the first Supply Chain Platform digitalizing Supply Chain Management in the Organic Food Industry. Founded in 2018, the Bio User Group event offers an exchange for all major

First Supply Chain Platform in the Organic Food Industry

In October 2018 the first Bio User Group took place. Founded in 2018,  the Bio User Group event offers an exchange for all major Organic Food Supply Chain experts and managers from Europe. Experts from the organic wholesale sector gathered for two days to discuss the latest trends in supply chain management and to lay out the strategy for future supply chain solutions in the organic retail and wholesale industry.

What is the Bio User Group exchange platform?
- The first exchange platform in Switzerland for smart logistics solutions in the organic food sector
- "Bio User Group" stands for logistics experts from the organic sector
- Participants are users of supply chain management systems, experts in the food logistics sector
and decision-makers on the European organic market


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"Foster Supply Chain Management solutions for the
organic food market. The exchange in the
Bio User Group ensures that we
develop standard Supply Chain solutions for
all our partners."


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  digital shapers in the foods supply chain industry