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JIL - Just Intelligent Logistics

What is JIL? And who needs JIL?

JIL is a warehouse management system that helps you manage and track your inventory. JIL can be used by any company in any industry.

The warehouse management software for every company, no matter the size or industry

Thanks to the merger of proLogistik, Dataphone, XELOG, ITC and LogiSoft-S to create the proLogistik Group, the warehouse management software is designed to work with a range of different business models, from small companies with just a few employees to large enterprises with thousands of employees.

JIL is a warehouse management system that can be customized to meet the needs of your business. It can be used by both large and small companies and in industries such as retail, manufacturing, wholesale and 3PL.

How can I benefit from JIL?

You can take advantage of JIL by providing us with information about your business, and we will deliver a customized solution that meets all of your needs - whether you are a small or large business, or specialize in one industry or another.

With JIL, you keep an eye on your inventory at all times!

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