Merge to proLogisitk Group

Merger of Dataphone, proLogistik and XELOG

Dataphone, proLogistik and XELOG join forces to form one of the leading innovation hubs for logistics software in the DACH region

The new proLogistik Group

From left to right: Thulackshan Mohan (Managing Director proLogistik), Jörg Sänger (Managing Director proLogistik and future CEO of the new group holding), Dr. Felix Speerli (Managing Director Dataphone and future CPO of the group holding) and Carsten Pauli (CEO Xelog).

The intralogistics system house proLogistik and the Swiss companies Dataphone and XELOG agree on a merger.

Under a new group holding company, the partners will combine their resources and expertise in the field of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) with the aim of developing the best possible supply chain solutions for digital transformation in industry, retail and the service sector. Likewise, in the area of Hardware & Services, the respective portfolios will be expanded. The project is strengthened by the Berlin-based equity investor Elvaston, which specializes in software in the B2B sector.

For all three companies, this merger marks an important milestone in their long corporate history. Together, the companies are already market leaders for ERP-independent warehouse management systems in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. "Through the vertical merger, we are clearly taking a stand in a highly fragmented market and, in parallel, increasing our international footprint," emphasizes Jörg Sänger, CEO of the new group holding company.

Focus on best-of-breed solutions

Based on comprehensive, integrated software and hardware expertise, both small and large companies that are replacing systems or introducing a WMS for the first time are to be supported in their digital transformation. At the same time, the new holding company is powerfully positioned and is strengthening its expertise, particularly in the areas of e-commerce, automation, robotics, cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI) and full release capability. "The overriding ambition is a consistent best-of-breed approach to provide the best products and solutions for each industry along the supply chain." explains Dr. Felix Speerli, future CPO of the group holding company. Initial sales activities in the Benelux countries are already underway.

Foundation laid for further growth

The new holding, which is already the WMS market leader in the food and retail sectors, currently generates group sales of around 40 million euros, has around 1,500 WMS installations and employs more than 330 people. All partners will remain as independent companies and form a broad branch network: Through the merger with LogiSoft-S GmbH, proLogistik GmbH Co KG is already represented in Dortmund, Pinneberg and Heilbronn. In addition, XELOG has its headquarters in Rotkreuz, Switzerland, from where the whole of Switzerland and southern Germany are covered. In addition to its headquarters in Zurich, Dataphone AG has branches in Dortmund, Leer, Mexico, Vienna, Hagerstown in the USA and Toronto in Canada.

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