My first six months at Dataphone.

Since August 2018 Arta has been working with full passion for Dataphone. She is doing a commercial apprenticeship which is combined with a fixed working schedule. In an interview she reports about her first work experiences.

What have you seen and learned so far?
Although I already did a commercial internship before my apprenticeship, I was able to learn a lot of new things in this half-year.
In the 1st semester in administration, I got to know the programs we work with here for the first time. I went through the repair entrances and exits. I was also able to get to know a few Dataphone products such as warehouse management system and SCM software in general. In addition, I could support the marketing department which was very new for me because you have more contact with the outside world. I really enjoyed getting to know marketing tasks better. What was also very interesting was when I was able to spend a few hours in technology and see how such a repair process works.

What did you particularly enjoy?
I really enjoyed helping out with the Christmas gifts and the first Bio User Group event! So far, I'm very interested in marketing. I am excited when I can dive into it in the 2nd year of my apprenticeship.

What is unique about Dataphone?
The people at Dataphone are always very helpful. Whenever I had a question, I could always ask someone. There are many great personalities who make working at Dataphone more fun and better.
I also find it unique that I get half a day from the company once a week to study for school or to do the ÜK tasks.
This is not the case with all training companies and I am really very happy about it. Therefore, as I can study more at home in I also manage to keep up well with my school tasks.

Where would you like to see next at Dataphone?
Since I will be going to accounting and finance next semester, I am curious to see what I will learn there. At school, I understand bookkeeping so far, but the practical side is always a little different. I am looking forward to learning new things again and to supporting every department I can look into.

Where would you like to develop further?
I can't say exactly yet, because the time I'm at Dataphone is still too short. I would like to look into all departments first and get to know them. So I can gain more experience in those fields and choose what I really like to do later on.


The whole Dataphone team thanks Arta for your first blog entry and her great work. We are very proud to be able to teach her more about smart software and hardware in the digital supply chain.

Arta has been working at Dataphone since August 2018 and is learning commercial disciplines. In addition, Arta receives introductions to the development of data capturing scanning envelopes as well as IoT applications in logistics, intralogistics software and how the supplier of warehouse management systems Dataphone controls fully automatic warehouses worldwide with the WMS system LOGIS.