«Own data center makes Dataphone a full-service provider in the field of logistics solutions»

«Own data center makes Dataphone a full-service provider in the field of logistics solutions»

Dataphone Deutschland GmbH has been developing innovative, standardized and flexible warehouse management system software and hardware solutions in the areas of warehouse logistics, trade, transport, industry and production as well as health care and medicine. Our solutions increase efficiency along the entire supply chain of our customers worldwide. 

This fall, our German subsidiary Dataphone Deutschland GmbH has merged with M & K ProCon GmbH. Dr. Ulf-Thido Gerdes and Jonas Leifhelm are the managing partners of the new company. In our interview, they take a look into the future.

Jonas Leifhelm and Ulf-Thido Gerdes, a new company, two managing directors. Why this co-leadership?
Ulf-Thido Gerdes: Our co-leadership has the great advantage of resource allocation. Jonas Leifhelm and I advise and represent each other. In this way we avoid bottlenecks and at the same time increase the reliability.

Leer is the latest Dataphone office location and the second in Germany next to Dortmund. Which tasks are carried out by which subsidiary? 
Jonas Leifhelm: In Dortmund, we focus on hardware and customer support. Ulf-Thido Gerdes and his team in Leer take care of the software, operations, finance and human resources. Both locations have their own sales teams. 

Former M & K ProCon affiliate Log5Group Engineers GmbH now is part of Dataphone Deutschland GmbH as well. What are the core competencies of Log5Group?
Ulf-Thido Gerdes: Log5Group is a planning and consulting company. Its specialists advise international customers in the planning of new warehouse structures and help introduce new processes and warehouse management systems. 

What are the next steps? 
Jonas Leifhelm: Growing together with the emphasis on «growing». Through various and mutually defined processes we want to ensure sustainable growth. 

In which way does the merger influence Dataphone's service portfolio in Germany? 
Jonas Leifhelm & Ulf-Thido Gerdes: On the one hand, the merger enables us to support our customers with comprehensible solutions in supply chain management. On the other hand, we offer consulting and planning services. In addition, we are now able to provide software solutions as «hosted solution», «SAS» as well as «pay-per-use» thanks to our own data center. This makes Dataphone Deutschland GmbH one of the few full-service providers in the field of logistics solutions.

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