Smartwatch in logistics and retail?

Tips and Tricks by Dataphone & CASIO

Why smartwatches?

Whether in retail, logistics or industrial use - there are countless possible applications for system solutions with CASIO B2B-Smartwatch. Retail is an important area.

"We have software requests that go in the direction of IoT. Employees can use the Internet of Things to see directly whether the baked goods, for example, are ready to be packed. The baking machine communicates directly with the watch," says Head of Hardware Sales Stefano Desiderio.

Other devices in the store can also communicate with the watch or between employees. To sum up: Smartwatches ensure greater efficiency, security, and satisfaction for employees and thus also for end customers. Security checks in production, live chats for dispatchers during the loading of goods, identification of authorizations for valuables transports are further use cases. Numerous processes can thus be optimized in various industries.

What are the key features of a B2B-smartwatch?

On the one hand, the large, high-resolution touch display (color OLED and monochrome LED) and the ergonomic design contribute to high user-friendliness, on the other hand, the watch already has many functions. In addition to Skype, Messages, SIM-SLOT 4G, radio, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, central device management (MDM) enables a software update (firmware) across multiple devices. A great feature is the wireless, easy magnetic charging. In addition, the wristband can be changed and personally branded.

Long battery life even in WLAN mode. In professional use, the smartwatch must be able to develop its full functionality without being connected to a smartphone. The watch is therefore equipped with its own WLAN module. Thanks to the high quality and capacity of the integrated rechargeable battery, eight hours of battery performance are no problem even with activated applications and WLAN operation.

When used as a voice interface, the speed can be increased even further, because the advantage is that the hands are free. Voice-to-text conversations are now a reality. Also, camera-functionalities are planned for the near future.

How much can the smartwatch withstand?

Elegant and discreet, but strong! Equipped with gorilla glass, it is water and shock-resistant: The MIL-STD-810 is a US military-technical standard that specifies environmental test conditions for military equipment. The standard defines tests for the compatibility of equipment and devices with extreme temperatures and air pressures, solar radiation, humidity, chemicals, acceleration forces, and vibrations.


How realizing challenging smartwatch projects?

Dataphone AG's software and hardware team have over 30 years of experience in developing retail, warehouse and transport solutions that serve customers worldwide via hardware, apps, and automated supply chain management systems. With CASIO, we gained a competent partner for smartwatch projects, as CASIO recognized the trend towards intelligent wearables early on and is the market leader in this area.


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