The potential of Smart Glasses in Intralogistics

Rafael Hallenbarter, Head of Sales Logistics Systems at Dataphone, spoke about the use of smart glasses in intralogistics at the 6. GS1 Forum Intralogistics. Click through his presentation.

At the GS1 Forum Intralogistics, experts from the fields of business and science presented current developments and solutions related to intralogistics. The event's 6th edition was dominated by mega trends such as industry 4.0, digitization, the Internet of Things and E-Commerce - and the opportunities they come with for intralogistics in production and service companies.

The potential of smart glasses in Intralogistics should not be underestimated. Especially in combination with scanners and smartphones. In his 15-minute presentation, Rafael Hallenbarter spoke about the use of smart glasses in intralogistics and how Dataphone already implemented the first innovative projects with its product DIWA. What clients especially appreciated? "The increased efficiency thanks to hand-free picking, reduced error rates and the elimination of administration times, the optimal cost-benefit ratio compared to conventional ones as well as high user satisfaction thanks to intuitive interaction design", summarizes Rafael Hallenbarter. 

Click through his presentation: 

New fields of innovation through Smart Glasses and Customer Devices (in German) 


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