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Warehouse Management System LOGIS MOVE

The warehouse management system LOGIS MOVE from Dataphone is a new participant in the "Warehouse Logistics" database - the leading benchmark platform for warehouse management systems!

The team "Warehouse Logistics" was founded by the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML in Germany to bring together customers and suppliers of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) according to their requirements. The team also supports the process of selecting and introducing WMS in an advisory function.

The international "WMS database" warehouse-logistics.com is one of the leading logistics platforms and has been continuously improved and developed.

The "Warehouse Logistics" team tests and validates manufacturer-independently and has now also thoroughly tested and verified the warehouse management system LOGIS MOVE from Dataphone. Based on a comprehensive list of more than 3700 questions the team "Warehouse Logistics" checked the warehouse management system LOGIS MOVE on the live system.

In addition to the wide range of functions and modern technology, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft highlighted the unique advantages of Logis compared to other warehouse management systems: 

  • Master data handling: Exceptionally good logic, especially handling of conversion factors between pieces/litre/KG, etc. is unique.
  • Picking strategies: The structure and variety of picking strategies are extremely good.
  • Configurability of storage and retrieval strategies: Structure and logic and especially the configurability provided for customers is unique.
  • New GUI: Simple and clear design, attractive icons, and active message display - are very good, so Dataphone is "with the best"!
  • The consistent online logic with permanent optimization up to current orders is unique.
  • Furthermore, the management of means of transport was described as very good.

The warehouse management system (WMS) Logis has proven itself and we are very happy about the Fraunhofer seal of quality.

We are happy to present you with further exciting functions with our brand new Logis release V21!

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Warehouse Logistics validatet LogisLogis is now in the warehouse logistics database