With Industrial Augmented Reality you can increase your operating efficiency! Start now with our bundle of hardware and software.

Learn more about the worldwide unique software/hardware combination: "Q"!

The SuitCase "Q" is a bundle of hardware and software. It combines our solutions on one platform and provides them preconfigured. The case comes with Ethernet, Bluetooth, as well as its own WIFI access point and is, thanks to the integrated power bank, independent of external power sources. The bundle offers various possibilities for individual configuration.

Use company-wide information to accelerate decisions, reduce costs, increase productivity and improve work safety. The Augmented Reality (AR) solution and products are particularly suitable for industrial customers who focus on on-site maintenance, manufacturing and training.

Give your employees and customers instant access to the content, people and instructions needed to quickly review and resolve problems.

Our platform also increases operational efficiencies in fire, military and emergency services, as well as in industries such as manufacturing, aerospace, energy, heavy equipment and field service.

Remote support
Connect your sales force with the right expert via live video, audio, supported with text, images and video.

Digital work instructions
Transform paper-based procedures into digital work instructions. Create, assign, and execute work instructions digitally while connected online or offline. Gain instant access to data for operational insight.

Knowledge Base
Create training and reports with an integrated knowledge base of images, videos, documents and data. Share, edit, and present securely even in challenging environments.