Hardware-Verwaltung mit Profiserve von Dataphone

Hardware Management with Profiserve

Profiserve is our Hardware Management Tool and assists you in the entire process from procurement, repair to localization. To start with, you register your hardware. Once registered, the smart and simple ticketing systems allows you to easily initiate the repair process in case of any damages or defects. The Dataphone Repair Center will take care of your request and return your hardware after fixing it.

Your Benefits

  • Overview of every hardware device 
  • Detailed tracking of the devices 
  • Dashboard displaying the reason for the damage and the repair documentation
  • Aggregated real-time-statistics with export function 
  • Interfaces with various workflow management tools (e.g. JIRA) 

Full Management

  • Hardware procurement
  • Repair
  • Adaptable & automated processes


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