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One-Stop Support for Hard- & Software from Dataphone

One-Stop Support for Hard- & Software

Customizable Scan Cases

Customizable Scan Cases 





Linea S is an android-based scan case that revolutionizes scanning. The two-case concept comprises an upper and lower shell which enables new smartphone generations to be easily replaced without having to purchase an entirely new scan case.

Furthermore, you can easily use one of Dataphone's apps depending on your business case. For example, the smart ordering app «Shopper» helps retailers to reduce the workload when ordering from wholesalers.


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Why I Need A Scan Case?

Camera-based solutions for scanning are also possible. Depending on the situation scan cases or camera-based solutions may more suitable. Scan cases offer the following benefits related to only-camera-based scanning:

1. Battery lasts far longer operating hours because you have to batteries: One in the scan case and one in your smartphone
2. Scanning through the side-button of the scan case is much more ergonomic and faster.
3. The scan case offers additional rollover protection.
4. Scanning is more performant and faster in the dark
5. Safe data entry and fewer errors
6. The possibility of IoT and sensor usage: Our scan cases provide RFID, Chip & Pin, NFC, MSR, Bluetooth and much more.

Linea S Scan Cases for your Shop



Linea S scan cases consist of a basic scanning unit, an exchangeable upper case, and your smartphone. Choose your favorite device and your needed scanner. We provide you Linea S, a powerful solution for the best scanning experience! 


Linea S for your Android Mobile

1. Choose Your Smartphone

First of all, choose any smartphone. Choose your favorite one which best suits your personal needs.


2. Choose Your Basic Scanner Unit

The upper case (Basic Unit) consists of a scanner. No matter whether you are using data matrix, QR- or Barcode format, the scanner is able to read all Auto-ID and Barcode-symbologies. Additionally, you have the choice between RFID, NFC, MSR or Bluetooth and other sensors.


Linea S scan cases compatible with Android mobiles


Linea S Scan Cases for your Android Mobile

3. Get Your Upper Case

By changing the upper case you can easily use a new smartphone type and scan ahead! 



4. Get Your Finish-Up

Now you have a fully working Linea S scan case!

If you need to work with a hand strap or look for a rubber case for enhanced rollover protection, then just have a look at our accessories for Linea S here: 

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Linea S Scan Case