Rugged Tablets for logistics and industry


A selection from our Rugged Tablets product range.

Rugged tablets can be used in sunlight, rain, heat, or cold. They are stable, shockproof, protected against dust and water and resist all external influences. The Rugged Tablets can be additionally equipped with a barcode scanner and RFID NFC reader. The devices meet the high demands for robustness in outdoor use. 


New in the product portfolio:

Rugged 2-in-1 tablets from Zebra.

The Zebra ET80/ET85 tablets are smaller and lighter than other 2-in-1 tablets!

They adapt to your way of working – as you move from the field to a vehicle to inside a facility, these tablets transform into a laptop or a fixed or mobile full workstation to best meet your needs. 

Zebra ET80 Rugged 2-in-1-Tablet 

Rugged is standard with the ET80, which makes it an ideal match for the manufacturing plant floor.

You’re on your feet and on the go. So, we’ve designed the ET80 to be lightweight and sleek, yet durable with advanced Wi-Fi connectivity.

The fanless thermal design, IP65 rating and wipeable exterior are ideal for cleanroom applications and other particulate-sensitive areas. And with Class 1 Division 2 certification, you can configure it for safe use when flammable hazardous materials are present.

Tailor it to work your way with a touchscreen, keyboard or both, along with an ecosystem of accessories.

Rugged Tablet ET80 Zebra
Robustes Tablet ET80/ET85 von Zebra

Zebra ET85 Rugged 2-in-1-Tablet 

Go anywhere and perform in the most unforgiving environments to deliver exceptional value.

Ideal for public safety and field service industries, the ET85 is designed for use inside a vehicle and on the go.

Thin and lightweight, it’s also rugged to withstand the inevitable drops that happen on the job. Dock and undock with ease.

Work your way with a detachable rugged keyboard and touchscreen with an easy-to-see display that’s viewable, even in bright sunlight. The touchscreen works when wet and with gloves.

Rely on advanced wireless connectivity and ingenious battery technology to power your day, wherever your work takes you.

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Rugged Tablet T608.2. with 8 inch Dislpay


  • Intel® Cherry Trail Z8350 or MT8735A CPU

  • Windows 10 IoT or Android OS

  • 1D / 2D Barcode-Scanner (optional)

  • IP67 MIL-STD-810G Certification

  • Compatible with a wide range of accessories

The Rugged Tablet is built extremely robust, thanks to the MIL-STD-810G certification. IP67 protection makes the device very resistant to dust, dirt and temporary immersion in liquids. The PLUS variant can be equipped with Windows 10 IoT or Android 8.1 operating system and comes with an Intel® Cherry Trail Atom™ x5-8350.

With the optional barcode scanner function, the 8" PLUS can read all 1D or 2D barcodes from any goods, making it a great asset for warehouse logisticians and forklift drivers. The Rugged Tablet also impresses in other industrial sectors with its stability as well as its performance and covers all important communication channels on the go with integrated LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS, or Bluetooth.

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  • MediaTek MT8783 Octa-Core Processor

  • Android 7.0 operating system

  • IP67 and MIL-STD-810G Certification

  • Operating temperature: -20° to 60°C

  • Battery power: 7,500 mAh, 3.7 volts, internal


The 8" Slim Tablet is the smallest model of our Slim variants and impresses with a powerful MediaTek MT8783 processor. With a standard pre-installed Android 7.0 operating system, you can enjoy the benefits of an intuitive user interface and the latest security updates for industrial tablets.

With a weight of just 650 g and a size of 220 x 143 x 14 mm, the 8" Slim Rugged Tablet is particularly easy to transport and fits comfortably in the hand. At the same time, the mobile device offers extremely reliable protection against dust, dirt and even temporary water immersion thanks to its IP67 certification.

The 8.0-inch (20.32cm) IPS display delivers a resolution of 1280×800 and a 5-point capacitive multi-touch function. Furthermore, an operation via an optional touch pen is possible without any problems.

Reliable operation for industry and machine control

With a tested MIL-STD-810G certification, the 8" Slim Rugged Tablet offers enough resistance to survive a drop of up to 1.2 meters. Even extreme temperature conditions from -20° to 60°C will not stand in the way of smooth and efficient operation.

Thanks to the Android OS, all necessary apps can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store. Therefore, a variety of different applications can be running on the tablet, e.g. warehouse management systems, cash register software or identification systems as well as applications for machine monitoring and control.

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Rugged Tablet Plus 10.1. Inch
  • Intel® Atom™ x5-Z8350 (Windows 10 IoT)

  • Intel® Skylake Core™ m3-6Y30 (Windows 10 IoT)

  • MSM8953, 2.0 GHz (Android 9.0)

  • Extremely rugged design (MIL-STD-810G)

  • Removable battery

  • 1D / 2D Barcode-Scanner (optional)

The 10" PLUS offers the perfect balance between handling, performance and robustness to survive in the industrial environment. With a size of 280 x 187 x 22mm, the Rugged Tablet is comfortable to use and fits well in the hand. Maximum net weight of 1,252g and an included lanyard makes it easy to carry around.

An integrated Intel® Atom™ x5-Z8350 (Cherry Trail) processor provides the necessary performance to run multimedia applications smoothly and without errors. Alternatively, the rugged tablet is also available with Intel® Skylake Core™ m3-6Y30 and MSM8953, 2.0 GHz. With a simultaneous battery power of a maximum of 10,000 mAh, nothing stands in the way of a successful workday. The battery can be replaced without any effort if necessary.

Despite all the flexibility, the 10" PLUS is primarily a rugged tablet and a corresponding IP65 and MIL-STD-810G certification are therefore part of the standard equipment to be able to handle crashes or running in rough environments.

Case cover made of hard rubber

The integrated display has a screen diagonal of 10.1 inches (25.65cm) and is made entirely of robust Corning Gorilla Glass 3, making the tablet screen extremely resistant to scratches and even be able to withstand the weight of a full-grown man!

A multi-touch function (10-point or 5-point capacitive) simplifies operation even with complex applications and apps. Depending on requirements, the rugged tablet can be delivered with a ready-to-use Windows 10 IoT or Android license and is thus compatible with a wide range of software. An optional integrated barcode reader enables the 10" PLUS Tablet to scan 1D or 2D barcodes: Perfect for warehousing and inventory management.

Are you looking for the right warehouse management software to go with the tablet? In that case, it can be continued here.

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