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ProGlove - The glove with integrated scanner

ProGloves are intelligent gloves that enable employees to work faster, safer, and more ergonomically and increase efficiency in the manufacturing & logistics industry.

Each working step can be documented hands-free & direct feedback can be given straight from the smart glove to the user.

The glove has an ergonomically optimized trigger button that triggers the scan function by pressing it with the thumb. The optical, acoustic & haptic signals helps the order picker to know that the article has been scanned without constant display check-ups. This avoids errors & saves time.

Dataphone is supporting companies in various industries to achieve a higher level of business intelligence in their production & logistics processes.

Furthermore, we are ProGlove Gold Partner and can help you to find your right glove for your company!


Why should I use ProGlove barcode scanner?

To work more efficiently with a barcode scanner, you need to have the device in your hand. This is not a problem with ProGlove because the scanner comes with an integrated glove. In addition, MARK 2 can be connected via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to other devices such as tablets, Smart Watches or portable displays.

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ProGlove MARK 2 Standard Range

Looking for a scanner for the assembly

With MARK 2 you will experience the
advantages of MARK 2 Standard Range
with a new scanning range of
up to 80 cm.

For maximum productivity in production

  • Connectivity through Bluetooth
    Low Energy or 868 MHz

  • Optical, acoustic and haptic
    feedback option

  • Optimized for use in high-frequency
    scanning environments

  • Battery life: About 6,000 scans

  • Easier readability of DPM barcodes

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Standard Range handheld scanners,
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ProGlove MARK 2 Mid Range

The extra for your productivity

Like the MARK 2 Standard Range, MARK 2 Mid Range can be connected to other devices. The Mid Range model has a scanning range of up to 150 cm.

Further advantages:

  • 1D and 2D barcode detection

  • Optimized for high scan volume

  • Extended battery life of up to 6000 scans

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Mark Display Numbers


The small and mighty MARK Display wearable computer presents crucial information when and where it’s needed most.

MARK Display adds intelligence to picking, sorting and sequencing processes by communicating the essential data that workers need in a lightweight, wearable form factor to improve efficiency and performance. 

The combination of wearable scanner and smart display is fully configurable to provide information like storage locations, product identifiers, and quantities from WMS and ERP systems right to the back of the hand.


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Discover How Much You Can Save With Every Single Scan

Calculate now in real-time what Return on Investment you will get by using ProGlove barcode scanners. See in hard numbers the efficiency gains for your individual use case!

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